Not “Gone With The WInd”

15 Sep

admit that I am a movie buff. I love all types of movies.

Even the old ones.

One of my favorite old movies is “Gone With The Wind”. I actually have it on DVD. I am also a history buff so this movie feeds both of those parts of my personality.

In one particular part of that movie, Scarlett O’Hara is walking with her father discussing their plantation (named “Tara”). He makes this statement “My dear, ou have to love land. Land is the only thing that lasts”>

It’s a great line in the movie.

But it’s untrue.

Because one day, Heaven and Earth will pass away. Jesus Himself said that in Matthew 24:35. He said that His Words will last forever.

Wow, I can’t even always count on the earth.

But, I can however cling to the Word of God. I can rely on it. Because “In the Beginning was the Word” (John 1:1). It’s always been here. It always will be.

Sorry, Scarlett… you can’t even count on Tara.

But you can count on Jesus.


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