31 Dec

Love? Ha!

That’s how he felt for the last 20 years. He had learned as a result of his environment and the circumstances that led him there to not trust anyone or anything! You can’t trust family, you can’t trust friends, and you certainly can’t trust God! Nope! Don’t even try to tell him about it! He’d made up his mind!

And that was that!

That’s what he’d learned in state prison! Oh, there were those who had tried to argue with him about it! The prison chaplain had told him that his attitude was not going to get him anywhere and he needed to look to Jesus! But that fell on deaf ears. If Jesus was who He said He was, then he wouldn’t be locked up right now!

That was that!

Volunteers came into the prison every now and then and would try to lead Bible studies but it was nothing he really wanted to be a part of. The last thing he needed to hear from a bunch of people who probably had never committed a crime worse than stealing a pencil was that Jesus loved him!

And that was that!

But then someone invited him to a Kairos weekend.

“Oh, great!” he thought. “Another Jesus thing!”

But he decided to apply anyway. No, his heart wasn’t softening. No, he wasn’t willing to “give Jesus a try”. But he was told there would be home cooked meals! And homemade cookies! Now, that got his attention!

On the first day, it was exactly what he expected. A bunch of people telling him about Jesus and how much He loved him and that they loved him too! It literally made him want to vomit!

“The food better be good!” he thought!

And it was! As a matter of fact, it was delicious! But there was something else he saw that he didn’t expect to see! He saw people who appeared to be genuine. He saw people who never even asked him what crime he committed and didn’t really seem to care. They didn’t treat him like a prisoner. They said they loved him (they even hugged him) and something inside his hard heart told him they meant it!

He would sit in his cell each night during the weekend wondering about what these people were really all about ? Could they mean what they say? Were all the volunteers he kept turning away like these people?
Should have given those Bible studies on the unit a try? And just what was it happening in his heart?

On Sunday morning, the final morning of the weekend, he gave in!

“Jesus, I’ve learned something through these volunteers! You ARE real! And it’s going to take me a long time, but I’m asking you now to help me become the man I need to be! I want to serve you with the rest of my life!”

“And that’s that!”


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