17 Jan

The Bible tells us “boast not yourself of tomorrow for you know not what a day may bring forth!” Lately, I have found myself pondering that proverb.

As I write this, my five year old is asleep on the couch. She actually takes up half of it now! I am remembering when I could lay her on a throw pillow. She couldn’t turn over or crawl. Now she moves everywhere

I just took my thirteen year old to basketball practice. It wasn’t that long ago that I used to play “hide and seek” with her. Now she likes to hide from me but she really doesn’t want me to seek!

Time passes quickly. I was remembering yearbook camp when I was a sophomore in high school (back in 1985). There was a girl there who dressed like the rock star Madonna (very popular at that time). My guess is that she is head of her church social committee now or president of the PTA. I remember a classmate that was quite the party animal. In fact, he tried to beat me up in the school hallways. We communicate over Facebook now. He owns his own business, is active in his church, and gives all appearances of being a great husband and father.

“Time marches on”. That’s what the country music singer says. And I guess he’s right.

And for that reason, every minute counts. The people in my life today may not be here tomorrow. I need to seize every moment to tell someone I love them, to encourage my daughters, to hold my wife, to tell someone about Jesus.

“I’ll do it tomorrow”! Maybe not. And windows of opportunity shut very quickly. Times change. People change.

Just ask the teenage rock star baking cookies for the next cub scout meeting!


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