3 Feb

2 Kings 22 tells about King Josiah. Josiah was an amazing King…having taken the throne when he was eight years old. He had restored worship of God back to Jerusalem.

But in this chapter, he is read the Word of God and something interesting happens. Josiah tears his clothes and begins to weep uncontrollably. Why? Because as Josiah heard the Word of God, it was like looking in the mirror. It revealed to him that in spite of all his goodness, there were still things in his life that dishonored God. He could not just focus on the good things about himself. God wanted him to also look to what could be improved in order to make him a better servant.

Maybe that’s why some of us are uncomfortable reading the Word of God. Maybe that’s why Bibles stay on shelves and collect dust. We use excuses like “it’s boring”.. “it’s outdated”. But maybe that’s not the real reason.

Maybe it’s because the Bible is too much like a mirror. We like to imagine ourselves looking great (every hair in place, impeccably dressed). But then we stand in front of the “looking glass”. And we find we buttoned our shirt wrong, there is a cowlick that wn’t stay down. And we wish we had never looked in the mirror!

But what do we do then? We don’t walk off and leave everything in disarray. We start buttoning the shirt right! We fix that cowlick! We do what needs to be done!

Shouldn’t it be the same way with the Word of God? It reveals to us what is not right in our lives. We become convicted. We repent. We fix what’s wrong.

That’s what Josiah did!


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