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17 Jul

As I write this, I am at a guest house in Africa. The accomodations are very meager.I sleep under mosquito netting. There may or may not be running water or electricity. I mostly bathe with a hot bucket of water brought in by the workers who have heated it over an open flame.

I am preaching at churches that have only given me one form of payment… a not yet ripe papaya. They have no air conditioning and the food they feed me is not all that tasy and I am fairly uncertain of the nutritional value.

But I am having the time of my life. I came here with an attitude of service. I knew that I was going on a mission trip. I knew that I was going because God called me there. So I came in with the attitude that comfort doesn’t matter. Payment doesn’t matter. I came to serve.

And I find myself pondering the question– why can’t we have that same attitude at home? Why does our place of service often depend on compensation (whether it comes in monetary form or in the form of gratitude or recognition)? Why do we often refuse to serve because of weather conditions or inconvenience? Is not where we live also a mission field? Should we not come in with the same attitude that we have in places like Africa– that we’re here to serve and nothing else matters?

Just something to ponder.

For now, my bath water is here fresh from the fire— got to go!