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My Wife

31 Oct

To me, being married to Danna Hope is the biggest example of grace in my life. The first? Why the Cross, of course.

But in some ways, they parallel.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. In no way am I elevating my wife to deity. Under no circumstances do I believe that she is the only way to salvation. She is not on the same level with Jesus.

But hear me out.

I don’t deserve salvation. I am a sinner. A filthy, vile, disgusting individual. I have horrible thoughts and I’ve committed devious actions. Many times, I have made a mockery of the very things that God has ordained as holy..

Yet He loves me anyway.

I don’t deserve my wife’s love. Early in our marriage, I was a liar. I was manipulative. I treated her with utter disdain. Mind you, I was never abusive and I never cheated on her. However, I made a very mockery of what a marriage is supposed to be.

But she kept on loving me. She did this largely because as she looked at her marriage, she had no choice but to look at it in light of the Cross.

And love me anyway.

Thank God for grace!


But… For One Decision…

8 Oct

I got to thinking about soomething the other day.. how our lives can turn on a single decision. Sometimes even the most miniscule of decisions turn out the be the ones that matter the most.

When I was in junior high school, I had told everyone that I was going to play football. That’s what you did in those days. If you wanted to be popular, you were an athlete. Or at least, that’s what I thought. But something happened to me the day before school started.

To be honest, I just got scared.  I did not have an ounce of athletic ability in me. And I knew it.

So, I decided to go out for the manager position.. the one Adam Sandler made famous under a different title.. “waterboy”.

And that was actually a large part of my best high school memories. My best buddies were on that team and I was never treated as anything but an equal. And God forgive me if I didn’t mention the Coaches and the amazing influence and impact they had on my life.

Had it not been for that decision, I would have been a laughingstock.

And sometimes our lives turn on the decisions others make.

I stood in the parking lot of the Big Spring Mall. One last chance to tell that “girl of my dreams” exactly how I felt.  This was the girl for me. I just knew it. So with all the courage I could muster, I told her exactly how I felt.

And she turned me down. And I walked away brokenhearted.

Years later, I would be dating one girl every so often. She was a bit of wild child but she was gorgeous. There was never anything serious between us but she knew I was flirting with her. At the same time, I met a beautiful young girl named Danna.  We shared many interests.. a love for ministry, children, missions.  One day, I was driving home from seeing family and I was thinking about both. I knew I had to make that choice. I knew that more than likely, both would dump me anyway (I was not exactly a man with the ladies).

I would love to tell you that I chose Danna because that would make it seem like she was waiting in the wings for me (completely untrue). But the truth is that God chose Danna for me. Eleven years and two children later, we are still going strong.

Life hinges on the tiniest of decisions.

But the most important decision I ever made?

I was an eight year old boy listening to our Pastor tell about what Jesus did on the Cross. He told me I was a sinner. He told me that the only way to eternal life was a relationship with Jesus. He told me I could have that relationship now. I went down the aisle that day as made a decision to follow Him.

And it truly altered the rest of my life.

But.. for one decision.

A decision I’m glad I made!