My Wife

31 Oct

To me, being married to Danna Hope is the biggest example of grace in my life. The first? Why the Cross, of course.

But in some ways, they parallel.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. In no way am I elevating my wife to deity. Under no circumstances do I believe that she is the only way to salvation. She is not on the same level with Jesus.

But hear me out.

I don’t deserve salvation. I am a sinner. A filthy, vile, disgusting individual. I have horrible thoughts and I’ve committed devious actions. Many times, I have made a mockery of the very things that God has ordained as holy..

Yet He loves me anyway.

I don’t deserve my wife’s love. Early in our marriage, I was a liar. I was manipulative. I treated her with utter disdain. Mind you, I was never abusive and I never cheated on her. However, I made a very mockery of what a marriage is supposed to be.

But she kept on loving me. She did this largely because as she looked at her marriage, she had no choice but to look at it in light of the Cross.

And love me anyway.

Thank God for grace!


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