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My Thoughts On Sandy Hook

19 Dec

So far, I have kept my mouth shut about the Sandy Hook Tragedy. For those who know me, it is unusual for me to keep silent about something like this for even the shortest amount of time. I have stayed quiet for two reasons.
First of all, I was quiet because during the time the event actually occurred, I was in prison. At least twice a year, I take part in a Kairos prison ministry weekend. I, and several from different denominations, go and spend twelve to fourteen hours a day inside the Sanders Estes Unit doing ministry with the residents there. It’s an incredible time. But because we are inside a prison, we do not have cellphone or internet access. We were also meeting in an area where there was no television. So in spite of the fact that the rest of the world was shock over the events in Connecticut, I (and my friends) had no knowledge of it until several hours after it occurred.
Secondly, I needed time to absorb the event. I remember Columbine. I remember Wedgwood. But no tragedy has affected me like this. Why? I’ll give you two reasons.
Cheyenne Nicole and Destiny Rose.
They are my daughters. Cheyenne is 14 and Destiny is six. As a Dad, I worry about them. It’s what Dad’s do. I worry about their grades. I worry when they are travelling without me. I worry about what type of young ladies they will grow up to be.
Until last Friday, it never occurred to me that I should worry about them while they were in the classroom.
I do not believe that the answer lies in gun control and quiet frankly, I resent the attempts of either side of the political spectrum who try to make this a political issue. It is well known that I am not a big fan of our curren t President. However, I appreciate the way he has handled this situation. Let’s not divide this among party lines. Please.
Let me say that I do not completely agree with those who say that this tragedy came about because “God is not allowed in schools” (referring to the 1960’s era decision to remove public prayer from public schools). I believe it goes way beyond that.
I personally believe (and I know many will disagree with me) that it has been a conscious attempt over the years to remove God from every possible equation of American life. We don’t recognize National Day of Prayer in the manner that it used to be recognized. We have tried to remove Christ from Christmas. The “religious” characters on TV are usually the comic relief. The buffoons. Basically, God is being removed from everything.
In John 8, Jesus referred to Himself as “the Light of the world.” If the light is being removed (and it appears that is what is systematically happening), then all that is left is the darkness.
The type of darkness that calls evil good. The type of darkness that laughs at anything remotely related to Jesus. The type of darkness that takes the lives of innocent children.
Disagree with me if you want. It’s your right. But remember, this is my space.