New vs. Old

21 Jan

There seems to be a new morality in the world these days.  I hate to sound like I’m 100 years old but some of the ideas and mindsets of the generations coming up scare me. There is what I call a “new morality”.

I first noticed it years ago when a certain President redefined what “sex” and the “truth” (and for that matter, the word “is”).

Now, things that were once considered immoral and wrong are being promoted as perfectly acceptable. We are defining things by how we feel rather than by anything else. The problem with that is this:

Feelings are deceptive. They can be based on physical condition, current situations, the convenience of the moment. They can change and they are totally unreliable.

This scares me because mankind’s natural bent is to walk away from God. We are not basically good. Romans 3:23 makes it clear that we are all sinners. Given a choice, we will most likely make the wrong one.

So to base things on feelings is going to mean walking away from God most of the time.  We can’t base things on emotions  but rather on the Word of God.

Now there is a sure standard. There is something that never changes. There is something that has always proven true.

But it’s not an easy standard to follow. It goes against our human nature. It tells us that sometimes what we feel in our gut is wrong. It teaches us that what looks good may actually be the direct opposite.

At times, when following the Word, I have been frustrated. I have been angry. It feels like everyone else gets to have fun and I cannot. At other times, I have lost friends over it.

But ultimately, when I stay true to it (because sometimes I stray), I always end up in a more than blessed condition.

Throw whatever new standard you want at me.

The old one does just fine for me.


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