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Fed Up!

4 May

Fed Up!.


Fed Up!

2 May

I don’t stand at funerals and hold picket signs. I don’t stage violent demonstrations. I don’t tell coarse jokes about you. I don’t encourage others to hurt you. I don’t teach my children to hate you. And I don’t believe Jesus hates you.

But I don’t support the homosexual lifestyle.

I do believe that it is a sin. And I do believe that God hates sin. Therefore, I believe that God hates the sin but not the sinner.

But I am a sinner, too. In more ways than one. I get in a corner, the temptation is to lie my way out of it. I think lustful thoughts. I have a temper that I constantly have to hold in check. I don’t spend money wisely. I hold grudges. All of this is part of my lifestyle. And God hates those parts of my lifestyle.

But He loves me.

And He loves the homosexual.

He just hates homosexuality.

Yes, I can be friends with you. I can go to the movies with you, have you over for dinner, talk about current events, go fishing or paintballing (if you’re into that). I can be seen with you and not feel like I have to explain myself.

I can love you as my friend.

I just don’t have to like what you do.

And I can pray for you. I can pray that you be delivered from this lifestyle. In the same way, I ask people to pray for me and that I break strongholds in my life in order to reflect more of what Jesus wants me to be.

So quit calling me a hatemonger. “Hate” is not a word I like to use in any category.

Quit insinuating that I am a redneck bigot. My neck is not red (though I am from Texas) and I am not a bigot in any way form or fashion.

Let’s talk about it over dinner. Come over. But don’t bring seafood. I hate that stuff.

And I can tell you why I think God disapproves of what you do.

And you can tell me why God disapproves of some of my character flaws.

And then maybe in the middle of it all, we’ll realize that really it’s all about having a God honoring Biblical relationship with Him.

And we’ll both seek to obey Him.