My Latest Rant

14 May

Please quit telling me you want equal rights. Clearly you do not. If that were true, you would get a job based on your abilities and not the color of your skin. You would be allowed into a school because of your academic achievements and not because of your gender or race. You would be glorified for making the pros because of your athletic prowess and not because you are a homosexual.

Yes, I am talking about Michael Sam. I am not much of a sports person but I do applaud his athletic ability. I am excited that he has made the pros. But my excitement has nothing to do with his choice to be a homosexual. It is because he went up against many others and against all odds, won the day. That deserves accolades from anyone.

Yet Tim Tebow is dogged by the media because of his spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ. The long and the short of most of the complaints comes down to the idea that religion has no place in football. If he wants to be a Christian, his detractors say that he should keep that to himself.

But apparently, your sexuality is not a sacred. Apparently, it could be brought out for the whole world to see and worn like a banner. Be loud! Be proud! Just not about your faith. Not about your conservative lifestyle. You do not dare talk about that.

On second thought, maybe there should be more screaming for equal rights! I should be able to stand firm in the fact that I am a heterosexual and even be applauded for it. There should be media outlets scrambling to talk about the fact that I have been faithful to one woman for a number of years.

Newscasters and TV comedians should be blackballed because they joke about right wing Christians. Do they not realize that we are people too? Is it fair that we get called out because we feel we had no choice but to follow our Savior and our belief system?

Of course, none of that is happening. Comedians make fun of Christians on a daily basis. Newscaster’s take little barbs at people who are standing in their faith. Beauty pageant contestants are made fun of because of the stance they take for heterosexual marriage.

But we are not allowed to scream “foul!” We are not allowed to protest what we feel is an injustice toward us.

Because equal treatment is not what is really desired. It is time to quit denying it. Ultimately, there is a war going against the Christian right. They worry that we will eventually win. It will just take some time.


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