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Another Weekend In Prison

18 Oct

15 hour days in a place that you normally would not go. Surrounded by convicted felon’s in a place that you could never leave them on your own.
That is what a Kairos weekend is all about. It is an incredible weekend that actually starts on Thursday and ends on a Sunday afternoon. My wife and I have been doing this for several years.
This past weekend, it was at Mountain View prison in Gatesville, Texas. This is a woman’s prison so she got to go in while I stayed at a local church working the support team. 
I helped with sorting the cookies, making the food, organizing the prayer chain, praying for those who are making talks, and bonding with others who were also there supporting those who were inside.
It was simply amazing for me. I enjoyed the talks and bonding that occurred with each individual on the team. It was all men except for one young lady. She ended up being one of our biggest blessings and she told about her walk with God and how God has transformed her life in the last few years. She is simply an amazing person. 
And my wife? One of the best things of this weekend is to watch her return to the hotel every night with a glow they can only come from the Holy Spirit. She is devastatingly beautiful to me but when she comes out of the prison after a full day of ministry, her beauty is enhanced tenfold. 
But what about the inmates? Some of them are murderers, drug dealers, thieves. Wait a minute. I’m speaking in the present tense. The truth is that this is no longer who they are. They are now children of God. They have had an encounter with Jesus and they have been set free. Yes, society will and should hold them accountable. But what is awesome is the fact that they understand that there are greater things ahead for them. That God does not condemn them forever. That better days lie ahead. As well as an eternal future.
I think God for this ministry and I doubt I will ever quit being a part of it. It has not only change the lives of those inside. It has changed mine as well.