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Random Thoughts…

24 Nov

Random thoughts from events of the past few weeks and months
I hold on tightly to friendships. It often causes me a lot of heartache. Friendships will come and go. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do to keep them from ending. Many times, it is not you that has the issue but them. All you can do is look to the one true friendship that you can rely on in Jesus Christ. He is always consistent and He never lets you down.
As a pastor, you always deal with people who will either completely love you or completely have nothing but disdain for you. The main reason is this: you’re dealing with people who are at all stages of their relationship with Jesus. When things are as they should be, then they are happy with you. But when they are not walking right in the Lord, then often they will unleash their frustration, their guilt, and every other ill feelings on you in a pathetic attempt to justify their own issues with Jesus. It is not that you are Jesus. You know that you are not. But for whatever reason, if they can find something wrong with the preacher or with the church, then they feel like they have justification to be disobedient to God himself.
Even preachers have their hypocritical moments. We are human. We backslide. We lust. We often put ourselves before God. In other words, we are much like the people to whom we are called to minister. We know the truth of James 3 that we are to be a little bit above those whom we are called to teach, but it doesn’t change the fact that often we will fail. So when we come at you with the word of God or with godly counsel, we do not come with an attitude of perfection. We know that except for the grace of God, we could be in the exact same position to which you find yourself. Please understand that.

No, I do not support the refugees coming over. But I do not believe that makes me evil or less Christian. Give me the opportunity to go into a refugee camp, the opportunity to preach the gospel at the border, the opportunity to put myself in harms way for the sake of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and if God is calling me to do so, then I most certainly will. But that is a decision that must be made between me and God. It is not a decision that must be made by a man in an office on behalf of the entire country. Nobody should be willing to put others in harms harms way except for themselves.
Quit accusing me of being less that I should be because I do not have the same political beliefs as you. The very ones who call me intolerant are the ones who will often unfriend me or have nothing to do with me simply because our political beliefs are different. It is absolutely ludicrous.
Do I believe that God is a Republican? Absolutely not. But, at this point in time, I believe in the platform the Republican Party represents and that is most closely identifies with what I consider to be Christian values. Don’t preach to me about I have a catering for a certain political party or stance and then post statuses indicating yourself doing the same thing. Now, who is the hypocrite at that point?

I do believe the church has to change. In order to reach out to people of all walks of life, we have to find new ways to do it. People no longer stream into the church auditorium on Sunday mornings. Many don’t even believe that Jesus is real. We are going to have to constantly get out of our comfort zone and reach out to people in different places and in different ways.
We cannot always be in people’s faces. But at the same time, we must be unapologetic about our faith. The gospel cannot be watered down for the sake of popularity. I fear that is happening too often.
I am a Christian. I believe the scripture dictate all aspects of how our life should be lived right down to the value of human life even at conception and how a marriage should be defined. But I do not hate anyone. I have people that are probably reading this that would say that I am their friend. Yet we do not agree with each other in terms of lifestyle or life choices. Quit asking me to be tolerant and then calling everything I stand for to be hateful while everything you stand for is angelic. Again, who is the hypocrite.
Lastly, don’t get me wrong. I’m actually in a very good mood. I’m sitting here in Arkansas at the home of my wife’s parents. I’m enjoying some quiet moments and I’m reflecting on everything for which I am thankful. I’ve just been meaning to wax eloquent awesome of these issues and now seemed to be a good time to do so.