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No Accident

17 Feb

Great men, great leaders,great heroes aren’t born overnight.

I am big fan of Presidential history. Many of you who know me well can verify this. I can tell you a lot about nearly every 20th century President that has come down the pike.

My favorite President was Harry S Truman.

For the first half of his life, he was a virtual unknown. He was a failed farmer. A failed businessman. Aside from service during World War II, he rarely stepped out of his part of Missouri.

But years later, he would become the 33rd President of the United States during some of the most interesting times of American history.

But don’t think those years as an unknown were wasted. His failures gave him experience to understand and empathize with those who were less fortunate. He knew what the small businessman and farmer wanted and needed from Washington and he worked hard to that end once he occupied the Oval Office.

A biblical example of this is Moses. I want us to look at his life from the time he was born until the time he stood before Pharaoh and said “Let my people go”.

It was no accident that after Pharaoh decreed that all Hebrew baby boys be thrown into the Nile river to drown and Jochebed, his mother, made an ark of bulrushes for him to float in, that the daughter of Pharaoh would be bathing nearby and find the baby and fall in love with him and take him to the palace to raise.

It was no accident that after killing an Egyptian who was abusing an Israelite and fleeing the country for fear of his life, that Moses would become acquainted with a man named Jethro and marry one of his daughters. And it was no accident that while Moses was tending to Jethro’s sheep that he would encounter God speaking from the burning bush telling him that his appointed task was to lead the Children of Israel out of slavery.

I decided a long time ago that I don’t believe in “coincidence”. God allows things to happen and puts things in order because He has plans for our lives as Christians. Sometimes those plans aren’t realized because of our own pride and disobedience.

But there are no accidents.

It was not an accident that Ananias should be in the same general area as Saul when the great persecutor of Christians encountered Jesus in a blinding light. It was no accident that after Ananias healed him, Saul would enter a life of Christian service and later become known as the Apostle Paul.

It was no accident that a former baseball player turned evangelist named Billy Sunday would be preaching at a crusade and in the back would wander a young teenager named Mordecai Ham who would hear the Gospel message, get saved, and eventually become a great evangelist himself.

It was no accident that a troubled teenager named Billy Graham would hear Mordecai Ham preach and give his heart and life to Jesus and grow up to become perhaps the most influential evangelist of modern history.

It was no accident that many years ago, the church where I serve as Pastor felt led to enter into a building program. It was no accident that the right leaders were in place as these plans begin to unfold. It was no accident that in spite of many who felt the church was being irresponsible in undertaking this, that the majority of the body felt led to move on in faith.

It was no accident that a precious woman named Mary Grace Angel would become a part of this church’s fellowship and bless us with her attitude and service for a lot of years. It was no accident that with each paycheck, she felt led to save because someday she wanted to benefit the body of Christ here in Lillian. It was no accident that when she died and her will was probated, her simple obedience would allow the church to pay off a 30 year loan after only having it for about a year and a half.

And I can tell you right now that the same is true for you. Regardless of your circumstances, regardless of how many blessings you are receiving or whether your life seems dark and gloomy, you are not there by accident. You are in that position because God is lining something up for you and for His Kingdom. He is either setting things up so that you can use the blessings you’ve received to glorify Him or He is desperately trying to call you out of the dark circumstances you are in because of your own disobedience.

But you are not there by accident.

And neither was Moses.