Dear Mr. Trump…

6 May

I have been a lifelong Republican.  Originally, I identified with that party because my parents did. As I got older, I began to listen, pay attention, study the issues. I still came out Republican. For several reasons:

First of all, I am pro-life. I believe that life begins at conception. I believe that God does not condone the taking of a life before it’s even had a chance. I am against the idea of murder in the name of convenience. I don’t understand the pro-choice movement and never will. Why would someone make it their choice to kill someone?

Now, that being said, Mr. Trump, that does not mean I condone some of the violent, ugly protests I have often seen in support of the pro-life movement. Not at all. As a Christian, I believe in grace and speaking the truth in love. I believe that more time ought to be spent attempting to minister to and counsel those who would consider abortion rather than shouting them down in an ugly fashion.

And I believe that our government should not condone such a horrible thing as abortion. For that reason, I vote candidates who are pro-life.  I vote for people that will hopefully eventually get us to a point of the repeal of Roe versus Wade.

I’m just not sure that’s you, Mr. Trump. You have changed your position several times on this issue. You have voiced support of Planned Parenthood because of the “other services” they provide to women (the truth being that there are many other organizations that provide similar services WITHOUT funding abortions and NO government agency should, in my humble yet correct opinion, be involved in such a heinous act). You say you’re pro-life now but as far as I’m concerned, your credibility is shot on that issue.

And then, Mr. Trump, I am opposed to gay marriage. I do believe that according to scripture, homosexuality is wrong. No, I am not a hateful person and no, I am not a bigot. I have friends who are gay who know perfectly well where I stand. I do not constantly preach to them about their lifestyle but rather try to take a more Jesus-centered approach in my day to day dealings with them.  Jesus ate with those whom led lifestyles that He opposed. But He did not condone their actions. I try to do the same.

My main reason for opposition for gay marriage on a legislative level has to do with Amendment 10 which states basically any issues not addressed in the Constitution would be left to the individual states. The Supreme Court, in illegally legislating from the branch, basically violated that amendment.

Of course, you agree with me on this issue from everything I have read. So then the question remains as to why you have given money to candidates that are clearly in favor of it (and by the way, also pro-choice)?  If you are pro-life and opposed to gay marriage, why would you support a candidate who isn’t? It makes no sense, Mr. Trump, and quite frankly, bothers me.

I have been a Republican because I believe in small government and more power given to the states. I believe that is constitutionally correct. This is the one time I will say something towards you that may not have any merit.  I feel like you don’t understand the Constitution. Your way of articulating issues has focused on bullying others and saying very little about what you would actually do.  Ted Cruz understands the Constitution. Marco Rubio understands the Constitution. Jeb Bush understands the Constitution. They challenged you on this. You responded by putting them down and really not answering questions.  Not very presidential, Mr. Trump.

As you can tell, I am very concerned about you. It frankly scares me that you are going to be the Republican nominee. I don’t see you as much different as your opponents. In fact, at least I’m sure where Hillary stands (and strongly disagree with her in every possible way). I am not sure what you will do with almost any given issue. That bothers me.

And it is for that reason that at this point, you do not have my vote. Neither does Hillary. Neither does Bernie. I will not sit home on election day. I will vote for someone. Just not the three of you.

These are my opinions and not the opinions of my congregation. I may talk about what the Bible has to say on some issues but I do not tell people from the pulpit how to vote.  In fact, I have one man that I hold in very high esteem and love dearly in my church that will be voting for you.  He is a man of character and honor. I have several friends, including my relatives, who will be voting for you.  I love them all. On this point, we just disagree.

Furthermore, please understand that I do not speak as a “perfect little Christian”. There’s plenty of dirt in my life. I have seen the wrong side of a jail cell and at one point, I was probably the worst husband in Texas. But I am redeemed and while I still have failings, I get back up each time and walk to Jesus.

And I want a candidate who will do the same thing. Not just tell me he ate the cracker, drank the juice, but has never done anything for which he has had to ask forgiveness.

So, Mr.Trump, how are you going to respond to this? Are you going to ignore it? I mean, after all, I’m just one citizen. Or are you going to have the character to say something in response? And if you choose to respond, is it going to be name-calling and insulting and therefore losing more credibility with me and others by refusing to address the issues mentioned? Or are you willing to face a voter and address these things.

That’s right, Mr. Trump, I’m inviting you to visit with me. In person. I am inviting you to First Baptist Church of Lillian (you may even come unannounced) or just into my home to sit down for a civil discussion. I am asking you this not just to win me over. But I hope you know that there are people all over the country who have the same concerns (and more that I haven’t mentioned). It’s time you addressed them before the party I love implodes.

Because I am a Christian first, and a Republican second.

The ball is in your court now, Mr. Trump. I hope to hear from you.IMG_1424-0








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