25 May

Writing helps me vent. It helps relieve tension. It helps me relax. It helps me when my frustration with society in general is at breaking point. Today is one of those days.

So, thank you, WordPress, for this venue.

Here goes… the top five things I’m tired of (I know, my dear high school English teacher, that I am not supposed to end sentences with a preposition and for that I deeply apologize. I just don’t feel like finding a creative alternative today).

5) People saying “I just have no interest in talking politics”… Yes, it’s obviously a passion of mine if you read my blogs or know me personally. But that’s not why it makes me upset. Let me break it down for you.

First, we live (for now) in an amazing country. A country that was founded on freedom and giving people a voice in what happens.  We have the freedom to be a part of the process. To affect change. To change the direction of their nation. This is a freedom afforded to us as Americans.

We have a voice. We have the opportunity to make a difference.

And when we dismiss the opportunity to have a voice with a flippant “I just don’t care” or “I’m not interested”, we are pretty sad.  Just saying.

Our country is slipping away from us. The Constitution is being used as toilet paper in the White House.  We don’t have a single candidate as a front runner.

But you’re just “not interested”.

Sorry but that’s pathetic.

Moving on…

4) People who say you can’t mix your faith and politics.

I Corinthians 10:31 tells us that in everything, we must bring glory to God. When I taught youth and now as a Pastor to an entire congregation, I have taught that our faith must permeate everything.

And for the most part, that’s what everyone believes.

We believe that your faith must enter into what type of movies you watch, what type of television, what type of activities we take part in, really, anything that we do. God must be in the equation. Everything we do must honor him.

And that includes when we enter the voting booth. For someone to say that they disagree with everything a candidate stands for but he will be good for the economy or I have just always voted with that party is perhaps one of the most hypocritical things we can do. We sing songs that say we surrender all to Jesus but apparently we mean except for how we vote.

How incredibly ridiculous!

3) being told that I am bigoted and full of hate because I stand against lifestyles that are not biblical.

My attitude about this has softened a small degree over the years. I do not, nor have I ever, walked up to an individual and begin to tell them about how wrong they are to be in the relationship in which they find themselves.

However, when asked, I do tell them what Scripture says. I make sure they know that it is not my opinion. But God. This is not just apply to what the Supreme Court has called legal recently, but it applies to any relationship that is not indicative of God’s plan. Including the idea of living together without the benefit of marriage.

Do I Think I am better than anyone else? Do I hate the people involved. No! As a matter of fact, I remain their friends. I go out to eat with them. I am by come to my house. I joke around with them. But I will not tell them that something that is clearly not God honoring is OK. I would hope that any of my believing friends would do the same for me.

But let me also make something else clear. The heart of my ministry has never been to make gay people straight or to make people living together sign a marriage license. No, not at all. I believe that God has called me, just as he has everybody in ministry, to introduce lost people to the gospel so they could be saved.

For this reason, I usually don’t spend a whole lot of time talking with someone about what they are doing wrong. I instead try to share Jesus and then once they embrace that, let the Holy Spirit take control.

However, I will not stay at idly by while my government continues to make things better scripturally wrong legally right. I will stay in the gift that with my vote and I will never allow these lifestyles to be approved inside of the congregation which I pastor.

Some liberal somewhere is going to interpret that to mean that individuals involved in these things would not be welcome in my church. That is not true. They are entirely welcome. They are not branded with some type of big S for “sinner”. They are not treated as outcasts.   They are embraced. They are loved. And I will continue to do so.

But I will never tell them but this lifestyle in which they are engaged is OK. To do so would be to go against scripture.

It does not mean that I am a bigot  It does not mean that I hate. Quite simply, I don’t hate anybody.

I just love God more than I do the approval of man.

2) Churches who water down the Gospel for the sake of numbers.

My church is small. Do I want it to grow? Sure I do. What Pastor doesn’t?

But I want it to grow because the people already there are spiritually growing. I want people to see the difference a Savior can make because current church members are growing more and more in their relationship with Jesus.  And then when they see that difference, they want to come to the church and find the Word of God being preached unapologetically.

That’s how you should grow a church.

Not by watering down the Word of God because we are afraid of running people off. The Gospel is offensive and as this culture continues to creep more and more into the slime, it is going to become more offensive.

And if I lose a member because I am preaching the Word of God correctly (and to be honest, I have), then so be it.

Churches have the responsibility of being a lighthouse in a very dark world. But when we pull down our shades and dim the Light to make the room a little more appealing, we are accomplishing nothing.

Nothing except to help send people to Hell.

Grow up, Pastors! You’re not here to be people pleasers!

This world needs the Word of God more than you need accolades from your denominational convention.

And finally…

(1  People who spend more time concerned about their image then they do about lost souls.

Why should a church spend more time on a pretty looking atrium then they give to spread the Gospel around the world?

Why should we sit around and discuss paint jobs and landscaping when at this very moment, someone is trapped in the bondage of sin.

The answer is simple: We shouldn’t!

And yet that goes on more than it should. Not in every church. Not with every Christian.

But way too many.

We are living in a very perilous time. We can’t afford to let denominational lines divide us. We can’t afford to let people see us as stuffed suits who look down our noses and those who are lesser.

We must be willing to get down on peoples level. To quit putting up the pretty signs thinking that will bring people in and instead go to them and show we care.

People need the Lord.

And Jesus we are supposed to be the ones who tell others about Him.

In closing, let me say that I do not speak as one who has arrived. I  have my faults and the truth is that maybe it makes me mad because at one time or another, I have exhibited these things that absolutely make me scream today.

We are supposed to point people to the answer, not away from it!

And as they say in social media:

Rant over!







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