I Don’t Like Him But I Did Vote For Him.. or why we vote the platform and not the person.

1 Nov


Let’s be clear.

I don’t like Donald Trump.

I don’t like his erratic behavior.

I don’t like the way he treated the other candidates during the primary season. The name calling got ridiculous.

I don’t think he shows respect to women. The way he reacted to Carly Fiorina’s looks, the way he talked about women on the bus says a lot.

I think he’s arrogant.

Nevertheless, he gets my vote.

Wait… what?

That doesn’t make any sense.

“You don’t like him but you’re going to vote for him?  Why? Just because he’s the Republican candidate?”


“That’s ridiculous. That’s what has got our country into a mess in the first place. We need to look at the individual and not the platform!”


“Okay, you’re not making any sense!”

Let me explain…

I considered a third party. For the first time in my life, I really considered it.

I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. I have equal disdain for the Democratic party. My reasons why are simple:

I do not condone the killing of children.  And that is exactly the definition of abortion. The scripture makes it clear that God knew us when we were in the mothers womb. God’s Word trumps anything anyone else has to say. Life begins at conception.

The Democratic party has not only condoned the idea of this barbaric act. They have advanced it, provided federal funds for it, increased the barbarism of it all.

Further, I do not believe in gay marriage. Yes, I have friends who are gay. Good friends. People I genuinely care about. But I also believe that Scripture is clear that God designed man for woman and woman for man. Homosexuality, according to Scripture, is wrong. I do not want to see anyone hurt. I do not believe in “gay bashing”. I simply cannot support legislation that supports that lifestyle.

There are other reasons. I do not support big government and I believe in a strong national defense. Neither of which are Democratic party strong points.

I simply cannot agree with their platform.

I looked at the Libertarian platform. Quiet simply, it is almost too much the other extreme. Where the Democratic party seems to support the government wanting to control every aspect of your life, the Libertarians seem to be as clase to anarchy as you can possibly get. There has to be some say by the Federal government. Not to the extreme the Democrats seem to want, but certainly not a complete and total hands off “if it feels good, do it” approach like the Libertarians want either. Johnson has been labeling himself as “the sane choice” but quite frankly, the platform on which he is running is dangerous.

And don’t even get me started about the Green Party. I am not for being wasteful with the planetary resources that God gave us. But that is not something a Presidential candidate should be focusing on right now (in my humble yet correct opinion).

Here is the conclusion I came to: Until the party changes their platform, I must vote with the Republican party. Why? Because it represents who I am. Donald Trump does not represent me but he is running on a platform that does.

Hillary may talk about moving America forward but she also talks about being for partial birth abortion. That is moving America backward.

She may talk about working for the American people. But her lies and the continued scandals that have resulted because of them indicate something totally different.

Again, I am not calling Donald Trump a boy scout. But the platform he stands on represents me.

One last thing: if you’re a member of my church or even a fellow Christian, I do not judge you or think less of you for how you vote. I still love you. Please afford me the same courtesy.

So there.






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