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2 May

I’m not the first point out the family is more than just those who are blood related. Family is a very broad term.
I have seen people in my life is this song loyalty simply because you’re related. But when you’re not there for a person, never once appreciate the person, constantly been right the person, or ignore the person until you need something, then you can’t really call yourself family.

Don’t misunderstand. I have some outstanding family. I have amazing blood relatives. People who are preachers, teachers, Mayle of integrity, women of example.

I have an amazing mother, a great stepfather, two really good step brothers, incredible cousins, and amazing sister, and the list goes on and on. 

But I Also have other family members. Family who does not share any genetic make up with me. Family that is not related to me in any form or fashion. And yet, just like my genetic family, I could always count. In some cases, more so.

There are my friends from high school. They still keep up with me and I still keep up with them. I got that lesson from my great uncle Dwight. Someone’s foot up at his funeral and pointed out that the only reason they were all there it’s because he had not ever let them go. Some of these people he had not worked with in 20 or 30 years. But he made sure that he kept up with him and he made sure that he let them know he was available. As a result, they reciprocated. In only one case has that been misunderstood. A good friend of mine he refused my friendship after a time because she felt like I was being some type of stalker . That was never my intention. But if she no longer wants my friendship, it’s her loss. LOL

There is the best friend that I’ve had since the fifth grade. There is a small little youth group that I grew up with. They are steal my inner circle of friends. And I can pick up the phone at any time and pick up right where we left off. 

And then there are my college buddies. Most of the ones that I was close to went on to become ministers just like I did. That’s one reason that I love going to conventions. We run into each other. We keep up with each other. We pray for each other. These are godly men and women whom I’m glad are in my life.

There is my former church family. They make up at least two churches. I keep up with them and they keep up with me. Whenever I go back to college Baptist, big Spring, I get excited. I still love that Pastot and still call on him in times of need. Some of them have gone on to other towns and other churches. But I still keep up with them. Some of them have gone on to be with Jesus.

Even though the last youth ministry that I was a part of what’s in the church that no longer exist, I still keep up with a lot of those folks. I love them and I’m glad they were a part of my life.

 And then there is my present church family. I have been with them since my marriage. I had only been married six months when I became their pastor. Danna and I still service at church and we levels people. They have seen us through a horrid adoption experience. And they have let us cry on their shoulder during one of the worst times of our lives involving one of our children.  They have watched me grow and were patient with me. I remember a friend of mine telling me “you involve yourself too much in the lives of your people”. Well, it’s been a year since he told me that but I’m glad I did. Because they have returned the favor. We are truly family.

People use Facebook in a negative fashion. But for me, it’s awesome. I keep up with so many people who have had an impact in my life. People tell me “you don’t really have that many friends” I’m proud to say that I do. Not because of who I am because of who they are.

In short, I love my family. However they are connected, they are family. And I thank God for each and everyone of them.